The Fly Fishing Priest

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The Fly Fishing Priest

Post by JoeFriday » Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:31 am

hi all! It seems that this section needs a little attention.. how about this for a start?

The priest was a fly fisherman, but he hadn’t fished in many months. One perfect Sunday morning he couldn’t resist temptation. He called up the Bishop and claimed he had the flu. The priest then headed out to his favorite spot.

The fly hadn’t been on the water five minutes before he got a strike, and landed the biggest rainbow trout he had ever caught. Twenty minutes later, he caught the biggest rainbow he had ever SEEN. Another twenty minutes later he landed a rainbow that broke the world record!

All along St. Peter and God had been watching the priest from heaven. St. Peter turned to God, and said, “How can you reward this priest? He lied and let down the congregation.”

God smiles at St. Peter, and replies, “I’m punishing him.”

St. Peter looks confused, so God continues, “Well, after he finishes, who can he tell his story to?”

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