Setup for Euro Nymphing - Whats the better method

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Setup for Euro Nymphing - Whats the better method

Post by Nztayls » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:12 pm

During a recent trip to Turangi I spent an enjoyable evening in TALTAC listening to a group of guys discussing how lethal euro-nymphing was and talking about the success they were having on a some of the local rivers. Seeing as I woke up to a flooded Tongariro the next morning I decided I would give it a shot up the Hinemaia. I was familiar in theory with the tecnhique (I even bought a book on it in 2010!) but never really gave it a crack. I picked up a specialist leader from a local tackle store, got a quick low down on what to do, and headed up the river. I hooked three fish in quick succession, loosing all three not long after hook up. I am also guessing I missed a number of takes as well.

But what it did confirm to me was how effective this is (I just need to practice more on setting the hook!). And it would probably be helped if I had the right gear. I was just using what I had on me - a Scott Radian 6wt - and was struggling to turn the leader over or get the rod tip high enough to stop the leader drawing on the surface. So I've managed to pick up a very cheap Airflow SLN rod designed for the purpose, and I'm going to give this more attention.

Question I have is - what is the more effective method? I understand one method sees you essentially using a very long leader with a coloured section on it which acts as your strike indicator with essentially no fly line out the end off the rod. So in effect the fly line is playing no part whatsoever in the fishing (apart from meeting the legal requirements in Taupo, which says fly fishing means a fly rod, fly line, and fly reel).

The other method sees you use a fly line with a brightly coloured looped end which the leader is attached to - and you essentially hole all the fly line off the water and use the coloured loop as the indicator.

What are peoples preferred method (or are there others?). Like most of these techniques that are developed overseas, they tend to become modified to deal with our somewhat larger fish - so I am keen for any tips.


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Re: Setup for Euro Nymphing - Whats the better method

Post by SuperJack.10 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:48 pm

The problem with having fly line out of the tip of the rod is that the weight of it will "sag" the leader and drag it towards you, so it will be much harder to fish at any distance. So I prefer your first option - the long leader one. In saying that, I'm no expert. Hope that makes sense.

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Re: Setup for Euro Nymphing - Whats the better method

Post by Boisker » Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:55 am

I've not done a huge amount of French/euro/long leader nymphing, but I did find my radian to stiff for casting 9m nylon leaders, you really need a 'softer' rod; I bought a hanak (I'm based in the UK though, so no doubt easier to come across).
If you get good at it, as a technique it is deadly. You are really looking at a fishing distance of 30' though, so probably not applicable to many NZ streams... casting to singular, very large fish in clear water.
On rivers with higher fish numbers it could be great; I didn't fish the Mataura when in NZ last Feb, but did walk a stretch... long nymphing would have worked a treat on the stretch I walked.

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