Queen's Birthday Weekend Report

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Queen's Birthday Weekend Report

Post by Whio » Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:55 pm

Well the rain and increased flows in the week leading up to the weekend helped things along a little.
The weekend weather saw frosty starts followed by calm sunny days. Technically not ideal for the region.

Nonetheless there were quite a number of punters on the river in the first half of the weekend but got fewer as the fishing got harder. By the time we left on Tuesday there were large areas of water with no anglers.

I picked up a couple of nice fresh fish in the lower river and got broken off by a freight train plus some hits where the hook didn't stick. The fish I kept had bright orange flesh with fat lining the stomach and it smoked up a treat.

Wet lining with a good ole woolly buggar did the damage and I only saw one hook up by a nympher.

So all in all I'd say things are looking pretty good for the winter/spring. :D

Might see you at the RAGE or earlier - tight lines and screaming reels. ;)

Some of my life I spend fly fishing, the rest I just waste!

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