Tongariro River

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Tongariro River

Post by DrewHB » Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:27 am

Had a chance to fish Lake O, Tongariro river and Waitahanui on the weekend. Lake O was dirty and made it hard to find the channels and also the fish. Had a few hits but nothing stuck.
The Tongariro was on the 3rd cast....7th cast.....10th cast. They were hitting Pat Swifts green stone fly bomb.I only landed 2 of the 6 or so hits I had...but great fun and not a soul to be seen aside from a couple of locals who managed to get the longest dead drifts I have ever seen......Made me feel like an absolute amateur hehehe.
Waitahanui was slow and hard work. I saw a couple of fish pulled in but nothing really like you would expect. Maybe a few weeks and I'll try there again.

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