Rods to identify - Possibly Salmon

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Rods to identify - Possibly Salmon

Post by Chappie » Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:49 am

Is there anybody out there that would be interested in supplying information on some rods I have.
They may or may not be Salmon rods but all are as new.
Approximate year and type would be helpful and if they are considered any good or not.
I can send pictures to whoever may be interested in helping if they send me their Email address.

1 is a 3 piece 3/260 @ 2600mm approximate OL Kilwell Staesman
1 is a 2 piece AFTMA 8/9 @ 2750mm approximate OL Kilwell Staesman
1 x Fenwick F.F.98 AFTMA 9 @ 2730mm approximate OL
1 x Peter Stone - Specimen - Garstrike @ 2790mm approximate OL

Any help will be appreciated.
Kind Regards

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Re: Rods to identify - Possibly Salmon

Post by Johnno » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:21 pm

The Fenwick is one of the Fenwick glass rod range made between about 1964 and 1970 or thereabouts. Fairly slow full flexing rods. Some of the lesser line weight rods are amazing in the 5 and 6 wgt range, I have several and all bar one are great fishing rods. The FF98 is a 10 wgt rod. I think the FF92 is the 9 wgt, there are a couple of others in the 9 wgt range as well, plus some 10wgts. I've got a F116 which is an 11 wgt and throws a 9 line well enough. I want to give it a crack on a kingie.....

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